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Product Specifications

Cokin  P153 Neutral Gray ND4 Filter  

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Main specs

Type:  Neutral Density

Mount Thread (mm):  P series

Available Colors:  Gray


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Cokin-P153 Neutral Gray ND4 Filter-Filters






Neutral Density

Available Colors


Exposure Increase

-2 stop

Optical Effect

For use in bright light, high-sensitivity emulsions (400 ISO and over) must be used at high speeds and small apertures.

Without altering colours, COKIN Neutral Density Filters will allow you to gain the 1, 2 or 3 apertures you need to allow you to play with backgrounds, distance and depth of field.

Neutral Density Filters allow you to use the low speeds you need to give an impression of motion.

Hints: The Neutral Density Filter ND2 (152) corresponds to a loss of light equivalent to one stop, the ND4 (153) to two stops, and the ND8 (154) to three stops.

Number / Filter Factor

Not Available

Mount Thread (mm)

P series

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