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Product Specifications

Cokin  Z121M Gradual Grey G2 (ND4) Filter  

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Main specs

Type:  color graduated

Mount Thread (mm):  Z Series

Available Colors:  Gray


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Cokin-Z121M Gradual Grey G2 (ND4) Filter-Filters



color graduated

Available Colors


Exposure Increase

Not Available

Optical Effect

According to the classic rules of landscape layout, the sky occupies 3/5 of the space above the line of horizon, whether real or imaginary. In photography, this is interpreted by major differences in luminosity between the sky and the rest of the image. COKIN Graduated Filters, by reducing the difference, re-balance the luminosity between the upper and lower part of the image. They put an end to disappointment from washed-out skies and underexposed landscapes.

Since the sky and the clouds are changeable and varied, COKIN Graduated Filters invite you to imitate them in your own interpretation of colours. These secondary characters will become essential actors in a dialogue with the countryside.

The height of COKIN Graduated Filters can be regulated. The tinted part of the filter comprises a zone of gradual transition before the filter becomes transparent. Always check this zone in the view-finder. Place it high, by preference at the line of horizon so that the color of the filter does not interfere with the landscape Choose an average aperture : small apertures reduce the zone of transition, particularly with wide-angle lenses. If your camera is Autofocus, hold the Filter-holder to prevent it rotating with the lens during focusing.

Number / Filter Factor

Not Available

Mount Thread (mm)

Z Series




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